4 months sugar-free

The first time I went sugar free was early in 2016 when I bought a lovely wedding dress that I could barely sit in, let alone dance in or eat in. That was in April 2016 and the wedding date was 17th July 2016. I knew I had to take some serious measures. So for 2,5 months I was totally sugar free, and I mean really sugar free. My grocery shopping use to take double the time as I was checking every single food label. And those days I was not even having shakes yet, so every day choices of food were a bit of struggle, but I made it. I went through 3 weeks of sugar withdrawal symptoms which showed me how addicted I was to sugar. But at the end I lost a dress size, my wedding dress fitted perfectly and I felt great. But life happened and I slowly went back to eating sugar on regular basis.


Over the past two years I tried to do “sugar free” again simple before I knew I felt good doing it and I knew the health benefits. Check my previous blog post called “It’s all about the sugar” to learn more about sugar and sweeteners.

On 3rd April this year I went for it. This time I did not go as OTT (over the top) as the previous time, I was still eating out, so occasional sugar intake was still happening in a form of sauces when eating out (Chinese, Italian etc). Why did I decide to go sugar free this time? In January this year we moved from the UK to Prague. As great as it has been it was also stressful and it took a bit of time settling down again in Czech after 3 years in the UK. And the last few months in the UK were not as joyful as we wished. Therefore the sugar intake at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 was quite high –  emotional binge eating.

Starting sugar free this time was much easier as my body and mind already knew what to expect. What made it easier this time was the food choices you get in Prague – so many healthy places to eat that offer even sugar free cakes. My favorite restaurant is now VegGo that offers variety of vegan food as well as variety of sugar-free cakes – my favorite is a raspberry cheesecake.

From 3rd April till 25th July I had no cakes with refined sugar, no ice cream, no cookies etc, I did not use sugar in the household either. As I said the only occasion I might have had some sugar “unknowingly” was when we were eating out. Because sometimes when you make certain sauces, such as when you cook with tomatoes, you might need to use a bit of sugar to balance out the flavors, so I guess those were few occasions I could have consumed sugar. Actually, there was one more case that I am aware of –  pastry. Czech pastry is so good, so I was still eating pastry such as bread ans baguettes. And pastry does contain a bit of sugar as sugar is needed for the yeast to work in the dough to make it rise.

Almost 4 months sugar free and I felt great. I must say I was as consistent in the gym as I wish I were over those four months, but it did not matter because the effect of sugar free was great. My skin became so smooth, especially on my bum, my bum cellulite reduced big time. My muscle definition got more visible even with reduced amount of exercise.

Sugar free was definitely a great detox for me. I only stopped on 25th July as we went on All inclusive holiday. Do not get me wrong, I am not the kind of person who goes on holiday to over eat, but I simple wanted to try some local sweets etc.

The first two days of holiday I tried some cakes, especially the chocolate ones, but to be honest they were not quite worth it. My favorite “sweet” stuff were their pancakes which became my breakfast choice together with some cinnamon and melon, and occasional evening desert choice with some coffee. As much as I do not usually drink sodas, I had few glasses of lemonade and I enjoyed it. But despite, or perhaps in-spite of all that I always made sure I was drinking plenty of water. We even carried one of our gym bottles with us and constantly kept filling it during the day.

Despite change of diet and increased sugar intake I actually did not put on any weight on holiday, I did not notice any changes in my body. And the secret being that as I detoxed my body before the holiday, my body was able to work with the acidity, also thanks to high water intake.

Having come back from holiday where was no ice cream I actually craved ice cream, so I had ice cream yesterday and I truly enjoyed it.

I definitely see benefit of being totally sugar and sweeteners free all the time – your body functions better, your skin improves, you lose weight etc. However, I think there is no reason to beat yourself up about your food choices. Remember “Eat according to your goals and be ready to deal with the consequences”.

Should you wish to go on “sugar free” journey yourself and get some tips, get in touch!

Day 2 Intermittent Fasting

My eating window of day 2 is closing and it is time to evaluate today.

Same as yesterday, I got up today and I had a cup of green tea instead of breakfast.

I had a client for personal training at 8am. When we finished at 9am I had a bit of urge to eat. I did not feel hungry in particular, I think it was more of a result of a habit. Usually when I have personal training clients within the morning, no matter if I exercise with them or if I just stretch, or if I do my own workout in the morning I would usually eat afterwards – either friend egg on toast, scrambled eggs, protein pancakes, sandwich with hazelnut chocolate butter and banana. So, it was quite interesting to observe how is my body programmed. However, I just had another cup of tea.

I broke the fast around 12.20pm with a shake – Herbalife Cookie & Cream shake powder with almond milk, 2 tsp of hazelnut chocolate butter and defrosted fruit mix (red currant, black currant, raspberries, blackberries).


After lunch I went to Norwich city center with my husband to sort out some stuff in my banks. W walked by Patisserie Valerie and saw all those yummy looking cakes, I could not resist to have one. I must say that last two days I feel like I crave sugar much more. I usually do have sweet tooth, but feel like the urge is even stronger now. Will observe it the next few days if the trend continues or if it was just random two days of extremely sweet tooth.

We had dinner around 5.30pm, another recipe from Gousto Recipe Box – One pot easy lamb biryani made of lamb mince, green beans, basmati rice, sultanas and white yoghurt. Simple, easy, fast and tasty.


I must admit I did not train past two days, however I am quite lucky that my dog gets me to walk every day. Every single day I walk around 5km on average, usually even more. I think a walk in the morning, no matter if you are fasting or not, is the best thing you can do to start your day.

Now it is time for me to head back to designing ads for the next issue of the Reepham and District Community news, and I should not forget my article as well. I got a gentle reminder today that I should send everything over by the end of the week. Well since we are travelling Thursday afternoon abroad I guess I better do everything latest tomorrow. At least one ad is done. What do you think?

Copy of Copy of Fab in 8 newspaper

5 Days Eat Clean Challenge

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