Lean & Clean Week Challenge

Take part in the LEAN & CLEAN WEEK CHALLENGE to:

💃 Gain more energy
🍏 Make healthier meal choices
💧 Drink enough water
🍉 Learn about nutrition
🏋 Practice simple exercise at home
👭 Accountability & community support

The next Lean & Clean Week Challenge starts on:
1st April 2018

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The Lean & Clean Week Challenge runs from Monday to Sunday. You will get daily coaching on healthy lifestyle, we will have daily topics and challenges. You will get a new exercise every day to master, you will receive a demo video to follow. 

We will run it in a Whatsapp group. There is usually few people in the group and we all share what are we doing during the day, what we eat etc.

There is a fee of £15 (£2.14 / day) / 450 CZK (64,30 CZK / day)  and you will get 24/7 coaching on fitness, mindset and nutrition. Stay on track, learn new things, get new recipes and learn new exercise!

WIN A PRIZE: Be active in the group, fulfill all daily challenges, do your exercise, share your experience with your friends on social media and receive a FREE full body workout programme card for 1 week (upper body, lower body, core exercise).