Tricep Dip for Toned Upper Body

Tricep dips are a great exercise for your upper body. They not only work out your triceps, but also your shoulders, forearms, and chest.

Triceps dips can be performed pretty much anywhere – in the gym on a bench, at home on a chair, in the office on your office chair, in a hotel room on a bed in a park, the possibilities are endless.

How to perform a tricep dip:

  1. Position yourself on a bench/chair with elbows locked. Knees can be slightly bent or straight. The further the heels are from your body, the harder the exercise. Do not lean forward with your upper body and try to keep your bum and your back as close to the bench as possible.

  2. Slowly lower yourself while inhaling, until your arms form a 90-degree angle.

  3. Propel yourself upward and back to the starting position while exhaling.

  4. Repeat.

    tricep dips

I personally like triceps dips as they are very easy, yet effective, and they can be performed pretty much anywhere.

Do not have any bench or a chair around? Challenge yourself to floor tricep dips. Place your palms on the floor and make sure that while lowering your body, the only body part that is intentionally moving are your elbows – bending to 90 degrees and back up.

Check my Instagram for a short video of me performing tricep dips.

Exercise on holiday – Bulgarian split squat

Summer is the holiday season and when travelling, not always do we get a chance to do a full workout, apart of swimming in the sea or in the pool, of course. Some hotels do have fitness centres and gym, but who would even want to spend time indoor when the weather is so lovely outside? My husband is an exception ūüėÄ

So, I am bringing you a series of few exercises that you can do literally anytime and anywhere. And the first exercise is a Bulgarian Split Squat.

Image result for workoutlab bulgarian split squat

While doing a regular split squat while both feet are on the floor, we rest the back foot on a bench, or anything elevated, during the Bulgarian split squat. You can use just your body weight, or you can add extra weight with dumbbells or bottles of water.


  1. Start off by standing in front of a flat bench, or any other elevated thing like a piece of a wall that allows you to rest your foot on, with both feet together.
  2. Place one foot back on the bench in a staggered stance with your toes pointing down and the top of your foot pressing flat against the bench.
  3. Keep your chest up, core tight, back straight, and begin slowly lowering yourself under control by flexing the knee and the hip of your front leg.
  4. Once you reach the bottom position, push yourself back up and stopping just short of locking our your knee.


Things to remember:

  • make sure the front knee does not go over your toes while lowering your body
  • keep your back straight and your chest up
  • use your arms to help you to balance
  • breath in while coming down and breath out while coming up
  • go as low as it is comfortable for you

Benefits of Bulgarian Split Squat:

  • improves balance
  • works your lover body muscles, especially hamstrings and quads
  • workout for your core


Prague Health & Fitness Meetup

Having moved to Prague a month ago I miss my personal training clients and my health community that I created back in the UK.

Meetup app worked for me in the past and therefore I have decided to set up Prague Health & Fitness Meetup.

So, if you are based in Prague and you are looking to meet new people, make like-minded friends and have fun, join me!


Running in Prague 6

On Sunday I was brave enough to get dressed in this breezy weather and go for a late morning run with my husband. It was my first run this year and the first run in few months. And I survived!


We live in Prague 6 close to ҆√°reck√© √ļdol√≠ which is a lovely nature reserve where we often go for a walk with our dog. This time we decided to go for a run around DŇĺb√°n lake. I wanted to show my husband the track that I walked with the dog a week ago.

You can access it from many places – walking from ńĆerven√Ĺ vrch, by bus (Divok√° ҆√°rka), by tram (DŇĺb√°n / Divok√° ҆√°rka) or even walking distance from metro N√°draŇĺ√≠ Veleslav√≠n.

This track offers you a nice run on a side walk all the way, so it is a perfect place in autumn and winter where you would get muddy if you were to run off the main roads. There is a bit of down-hill and up hill-runs and beautiful views all around.

It is a favourite spots for locals all year around, pretty much no matter the weather, so it can get a bit busy, however the path is wide enough for you to find our way through. However, I would say the most busy times there are Saturdays and Sundays after lunch when families go for a stroll after a heavy meal.

We ran from our house through residential area before connecting to the main route, so in total it was 7km, I would say without the bit from and back to our house it is about 5km.

I usually do not like to run more than 5km, but it is a really nice route and I am sure I will run it more often.

Do you have any tips for running routes in Prague? Leave a comment below!

Reepham Fit Club


I have been getting some lovely emails and calls from people showing interest in the upcoming Reepham Fit Club and asking more info. So, here is some more information what is Reepham Fit Club going to be like.

So, I have put together some FAQ for you:

When do the classes take place? We are launching Reepham Fit Club on Monday 30th Oct and the classes will take place every following Monday. 

What time do the classes run? There are two classes, on at 5.30pm – 6.30pm and second one at 7.00pm – 8.00pm.

Where will the classes take place? We will run the classes in the Reepham Town Hall, 8 Church St, Reepham, NR10 4JW.

What is circuit training?¬†Circuit training¬†is a form of body conditioning or Endurance¬†training/resistance¬†training¬†using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building or muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program.

What is a fitness boot camp? A fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training program conducted by gyms, personal trainers, and former military personnel. These programs are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time.

Is there any age limit for the classes?  No, classes are open to all age groups. However please bare in mind any injuries or physical limitations you have. If you are not sure please consult your GP. 

What if I have some injuries or medical conditions? Please consult your GP prior to attending the class. 

Are the two classes at 5.30pm and 7.00pm any different from each other? No, they are not. However, that does not mean that at 7pm we will do exactly the same stuff we did at 5.30pm. 

What is the admission fee for the classes? The first class is £1, any following classes are £8/class or £26/a block of 4 classes. However, I have other offers and programmes available. To find out more please come to the first class and I will share all info with you. 


Should you have any other questions please fill the form below or give me a ring 07555 123930.

FAB Month Challenge

This is something I just came up with. I have been thinking since yesterday how to help people establish their healthy lifestyle, make it fun and make it affordable. And today morning I came up with FAB Month Challenge. Very impulsive idea!

FAB Month Challenge is designed to support you in establishing new healthy habits in 3 areas of your life:

  • F – Food (Nutrition)
  • A – Activity (Fitness)
  • B – Beliefs (Mindset)

Fab Month Challenge

FAB Month Challenge will run every month starting November 2017. It is designed as a group challenge for individuals who are looking for a challenge, advice and accountability. Here is what you get when you join:

  • Unlimited access to Reepham Fit Club classes (Mondays 5.30pm & 7.00pm)
  • Optional weekly weigh in and measurements on Mondays at 5.00-5.30pm & 6.30-7pm
  • Whatsapp support and accountability group
  • Nutrition advice and recipe ideas
  • PDF Workbook

If you saw the flyers for the Reepham Fit Club you might have noticed that I was offering the first class for ¬£1, any other one class for ¬£8 or a block of 4 classes for ¬£26. Well that was before I came up with the idea of FAB Month Challenge. So, here is a special offer for a FAB Month Challenge, let’s reward you for stepping up the game and taking up the challenge:

£25 for 1 FAB Month Challenge


Please fill in this form below and come to the Reepham Fit Club to start your FAB Month Challenge.




How often should we exercise?

How many times a week should I exercise?¬†There is no simple answer to this question. Finding a time for a workout can be often difficult for many people as there are so many other things that require your time and attention ‚Äď work, family, pets, house etc, so everyone can invest different time into their exercise routine. And most importantly everyone has different goals, which also impacts what kind of exercise do we choose.

Some people say that they do not have enough time to exercise. Really? You might not have as much time as you wish you had, or maybe you cannot workout as often as your neighbour does, but that is ok. There is no comparison!

Is it worth exercising just once a week? Something better than nothing! If you can only exercise once or twice a week it is important that you do a whole-body workout rather than focusing on one muscle group. And remember that it is not only the quantity that matters, the quality of the exercise is very important. It is crucial to perform each exercise correctly.

If you can workout just once a week, it’s important to be realistic. You may not be able to see the results you were hoping for as fast as you wish to. But you shouldn’t give up on the idea of working out altogether!

If you would like to get into exercise then you should join the Reepham Fit Club! Our group classes are launching end of October 2017! For the details of days, times and venue please join our Facebook group “Reepham Fit Club”

Anika Kohler

For more tips on nutrition and fitness visit my FB page or my blog

8 weeks FAB Plank Challenge (week 1 – 4)

I always tell my clients that if I had to choose just one exercise for them to do and stick to doing every day it would be a PLANK. The plank is an amazing exercise that has an impact on your whole body. Not only plank strengthens your core, it also engages muscles on your back, your arms, legs and glutes.

I have created 8 weeks FAB Plank Challenge for my clients who do #FABin8weeks programme with me. You might have heard about the 30 days Plank Challenge, this one is designed for 8 weeks and it is suitable for complete beginners, but also intermediate or advanced as well.

To get involved in the 8 weeks FAB Plank Challenge follow my Facebook Page where I will be posting daily more information about this challenge together with different variations of plank.

8 weeks plank challenge week 1-4

How does it work?

  • Beginners: Follow the schedule as per the picture. Starting on Monday with 10s plank.
  • Intermediate and advanced : Double or triple the time. Either hold for 2x/3x longer without a break or take a break between the reps

You can choose from any of these 3 variations of plank to start with, and then you will progress to more advanced variations as we go:

  1. Kneeling plank (suitable for complete beginners)
    Kneel on the floor, resting your weight on your forearms and knees so that your feet are off, or just touching, the ground. Make sure that your elbows are below your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the hips
  2. Straight/ Extended arms plank
    Place your palms firmly on the floor. Extend both legs behind you, resting on the balls of your feet. Engage your core, glutes and maintain a straight back while your elbows are directly under your shoulders. in-and-out-planks
  3. Forearm plank
    Keep your back straight, hold yourself up on your toes and balls of your feet, lower yourself down so that your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle and you are holding yourself up on your forearms which are placed firmly on the floor.forearm-plank

If you ever feel like your are slipping on your feet it means you are putting too much weight on your feet. In that case check your arms, your elbows are most probably not below your shoulders in this case, so correct that.

Follow my blog to learn more plank variations over the next 8 weeks! Please leave a comment with your questions, and let me know how you are finding the challenge!