Hemp Oil Facts

Facts about Hemp Oil:
Did you know that cold press hemp oil is a healthier alternative to olive oil and a tastier alternative to fish oil?
Compared to olive oil, hemp oil contains 25x more of omega unsaturated fatty acids, including a rare DHA acid, which ,according to research, has impact on healthy development of brain and organs and also strengthen immunity. That’s why it is good to use hemp oil during pregnancy and give to kids as well.
It is also recommended to use after chemo or during recovery as it helps the body to get rid of heavy metals from pharmaceuticals and to recover damaged cells.
Usage: Use hemp oil in salads, on bread in soups or in spreads. It is also recommended to use on your skin, for sensitive or dry skin, it also helps to prevent stretch marks.
What’s your experience with hemp oil?
If you are looking for quality Hemp Oil, check Cannadorra.com or Zelenazeme.cz and remember to use my discount code “annaogunnusi” for 5% discount!

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