Running in Prague 6

On Sunday I was brave enough to get dressed in this breezy weather and go for a late morning run with my husband. It was my first run this year and the first run in few months. And I survived!


We live in Prague 6 close to Šárecké údolí which is a lovely nature reserve where we often go for a walk with our dog. This time we decided to go for a run around Džbán lake. I wanted to show my husband the track that I walked with the dog a week ago.

You can access it from many places – walking from Červený vrch, by bus (Divoká Šárka), by tram (Džbán / Divoká Šárka) or even walking distance from metro Nádraží Veleslavín.

This track offers you a nice run on a side walk all the way, so it is a perfect place in autumn and winter where you would get muddy if you were to run off the main roads. There is a bit of down-hill and up hill-runs and beautiful views all around.

It is a favourite spots for locals all year around, pretty much no matter the weather, so it can get a bit busy, however the path is wide enough for you to find our way through. However, I would say the most busy times there are Saturdays and Sundays after lunch when families go for a stroll after a heavy meal.

We ran from our house through residential area before connecting to the main route, so in total it was 7km, I would say without the bit from and back to our house it is about 5km.

I usually do not like to run more than 5km, but it is a really nice route and I am sure I will run it more often.

Do you have any tips for running routes in Prague? Leave a comment below!

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