When it gets busy

We all know that sometimes it is simply not that easy to stick to our healthy lifestyle, simply life gets in the way – we are busy, we are stressed so we comfort eat etc. That can happen to anyone and there is no need to beat yourself about it.

Past two months have been really hectic, and also a bit stressful for me. You might have noticed I have been a bit quite. Well, the reason being we decided to move out of the UK and move to the Czech Republic where I originally come from. Therefore in December while I was still training my clients I was also organizing the movie, packing etc. To be honest in December I probably exercised only on a couple of occasions with my clients. I am always so grateful for having my dog because she gets me out and about, but because she got spayed in December she was not allowed to do any long walks, especially off lead walks, which meant less walking for me. Let’s face it, December was a very lazy month with way too much cakes and ice cream for me. However, I enjoyed myself.

Early January I moved to Prague and January was completely manic, especially because my husband still had some work engagements back in the UK, so I spent probably 6 days in total with my husband in January.

We moved from a house to a flat which seemed a bit challenging at first as we have an 8 months old staffy girl. In the house, we would just let her in the garden when she needs a wee, in a flat it means for me to get dressed anytime she wants to do her business, and boy she drinks and wees a lot.

Our dog is very energetic and I wanted to make the change from a house to a flat as pleasant as possible for her. Therefore I decided to do long walks with her. And those walks really helped me as well. It is not just about strict diet, actually nutrition should be fun, not strict, and about going to the gym, it is mainly about natural movement.

I get to walk several kilometers a day, even on days when I am at work. On days off I always choose a new park in Prague I take my dog to, so we spend probably up to 3 hours outside. I am also lucky I have a Nature Reserve right behind my house, so even short walks can be fun – we walk up and down the hills in a forest. And on work days when my husband is away I actually take my dog with me to the office. Which means I get up around 6 to give her 20 – 30 mins walk. Then we go to work and we usually get off the tram 2 – 3 stops early so she gets another 30 mins walk before we get to the office. During the day I take her out several times, and sometimes we go home on foot, which is about 1 hour. And I do not even count in all the steps I make in the office as I do not carry my phone with me all the time, perhaps I should get a fit bit.

All I’m trying to say it is mainly about the small things that we can do on daily basis – when you go to work get off the bus or the tram two stops early. When you are in the office, take 10 mins to go out and walk. During the weekends take your family for a walk to a park.

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