From Fasting to a Feast

I was a bit quiet for few days as I was on holiday. Fasting turned into a feast.

Having had an overnight flight on Thursday night was hard. I did not get much sleep at the airport and being awake but not eating anything was not good. I had stomach crumps, perhaps also due to sitting more rather than laying down. However I pushed through and did not give up. We arrived to our hotel around 9am on Friday and I waited till 10am to have breakfast, my body simply needed it. And that is when the fasting stopped.

I think there is nothing wrong with allowing ourselves a bit of leeway sometimes, as long as we know that it is just for a short period of time and it is not the norm.


I truly enjoyed all the amazing food in Spain. I must say most of it was actually very healthy, especially as the local specialty was spinach in all sorts of shapes and forms. However I admit I had quite a lot of coffee and cakes and last weekend I ate more ice-cream than in the last 10 months. But I enjoyed it! And that is what matters! It is important to feel good about what you eat! There is no point in eating a cake and feeling sh** about it.

My fasting is to recommence from Tuesday night 8pm. So watch out for my next blog post on Wednesday evening.

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