Day 3 Intermittent Fasting 

Today’s post will be short and sweet as I only remembered to write my blog after having sat in bed and written in my gratitude book.

Today’s morning was a good test for me as I attended Reepham networking group The Late One. We meet every second Wednesday of the month in The Dial House in Reepham where we talk business, and other matters, over tea or coffee and scones and cakes. I have already mentioned I got sweet tooth, so today was a good test and I can proudly say I succeeded in resisting all the scones in front of me. I just took home a cheese scone which I shared with husband around 12pm while preparing our lunch.

Lunch as always was a meal replacement shake- light, simple and yummy. 

I felt a bit hungry around 3pm, so I took my Carrot, butternut squash and sweet potato soup from the freezer and de-frosted it, so that was my “afternoon snack”.

We had dinner quite early today, around 4.30pm as my hubby was hungry. It was our last meal from this week’s Gousto recipe box – Brazilian Black Beans & Limey Chicken.

I’m having a busy day ahead tomorrow. Have to drop off the dog at my friends in the morning, then having PT clients, then to finalise packing and off to the airport early afternoon as heading to Spain for the weekend.

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