Day 1 Intermittent Fasting

Today was my 1st day of Intermittent Fasting and I would like to share with you how did it go.

I got up in the morning and felt quite strange not making my shake for breakfast. I usually get up, go downstairs, let the dog out and then make my breakfast. But today was different, instead of making breakfast shake and a cup of tea, it was just a cup of tea.

I must say I was quite surprised that I managed the morning quite well. My stomach was rumbling around 9am, but then it settled and I did not feel hungry in the morning at all. I had few cups of green tea and plenty of water.

My first meal was my lunch around 12.30pm- vanilla shake made with almond milk, a banana, hazelnut chocolate butter, cocoa powder and cinnamon powder. It was yummy and filling and not too heavy for my empty stomach.


I had my second meal, dinner, around 5.30pm. It was a recipe from my Gousto recipe box I got delivered yesterday. So, today we had Peri Peri chicken with Chips & Apple Slaw – home mad chips, chicken made in the oven and lovely refreshing slaw. The only a bit “heavy” thing was the bit of mayo in the slaw, I usually do not eat mayo, but it was a lovely combination with the peri peri sauce and the apple.image2

I must admit my hubby got me a chocolate eclair in Spar and I could not resist it. Definitely not a healthy dessert, I would not have bought that myself, but hey, why not once in a while. I always tell my clients: “Eat according with your goals and be ready to deal with the consequences.” I feel ready to deal with the consequence of my chocolate eclair. Anyway, I am making sure I am drinking plenty of water to dilute the sugar.

In summary, it was a good day 1 and I feel surprisingly good. Let’s see what day 2 brings.


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