Stay Healthy this Summer

Summer is here – barbecues, picnics, ice cream, cocktails, refreshing soda drinks. As a personal trainer I often get asked this time of the year how to stay healthy in summer with all these ‘treats’ around us; how not to ‘over-treat’ ourselves, how not to over-eat and over-indulge.

Well, the most important thing to consider while choosing what you put in your body is your health of course, healthy diet contributes towards overall wellbeing. The second thing we have to consider is our goals – what are your health and fitness goals? The food choices will be different for everyone. I provide my clients will nutrition advice, but at the end I always tell them: ‘Eat according to your goals and be ready to deal with the consequences!’ E.g. if you are on a ‘fat loss’ journey, then avoid cakes and ice cream, unless they are home-made and sugar free, till you reach your goal. However, it is also very important to enjoy everything we eat. There is no point to have a cake, feel guilty about it and beat yourself up.


Here are few tips for your healthy summer:

  1. Enjoy the outdoors. Walk when you can and play outside. Walk to your local store, replace driving with walking as much as you can. Spend time in the garden, do some gardening or go to the park to play football with your children.
  2. Preparation is the key!
    Going for a trip? Prepare your food at home and take it with you! If you know you are leaving the house for more than 2 hours make sure you take some snacks with you!
    What can you possibly take with you? Make a salad, add some falafel, eggs, nuts or berries in it to make it even more filling. You can also make some sandwiges, eg with avocado spread. You can also make a smoothie or a shake (if you are adding milk to your shake, rather use almond or soya milk). Also make sure you have some fruits and nuts with you.
  3. Eat on regular basis! We all know that especially kids are hungry all the time. And we should be eating on regular basis as well!
    It might sound like a cliche, but breakfast really is the key. Make sure you eat at least 5 times a day – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Make sure you always have something easy to make and snack on in your fridge and cupboards – stock up on fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, berries etc.
  4. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water! Always have a water bottle for yourself and your children in your bag!
    Bored of plain water? Infuse your water with fruit or herbs!
  5. Know what you eat! Make your own dressings and sauces! Sauces and dressings from a shop are usually high in sugar or sweeteners.



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