5 Days Eat Clean Challenge

Do you feel like your body needs a change?
Do you want to change your lifestyle but you are not quite sure what would the change feel like?
Do you want to have a “test drive” of a healthy lifestyle?
Do you want to establish healthy eating habits?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then I have a solution for you – 5 Days Eat Clean Challenge!


5 Days Eat Clean Challenge is designed to jump start you into living healthier and more active! Over the 5 days we will introduce you to elements of living a healthy active
lifestyle as well as daily challenges to inspire you.


Each of the five days is dedicated to one challenge – one health and fitness related topic:

  • Day 1 – Healthy Breakfast
  • Day 2 – Healthy Meal
  • Day 3 – Water Challenge
  • Day 4 – Fitness & Community
  • Day 5 – Gratitude & Accountability

How does it work? We have a Facebook Messenger / Whatsapp Group with all the participants for that particular 5 Days Eat Clean Challenge. I will set up the group on Sunday with instructions on Monday and you will be getting tips, instructions and healthy meals ideas throughout the 5 days.

If you are interested in my next 5 Days Eat Clean Challenge please fill the form below:



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