What are your health goals?

People have different goals and aspirations, and I like to help everyone to meet their goals. However, as great as it is to want to help everyone and work with every potential client that approaches me I think it is also very important to be able to evaluate if we have the skills and knowledge to help the client.

Here are three groups of potential clients that inquire about my services, and what I can offer to them. So check which group do you belong to and find out how I can help you to achieve your goals!


Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to feel great and improve your health? Do you want to regain your confidence to feel comfortable while taking photos on your holiday? Achieving your weight goal can completely change your life, it does require willpower, but if done under guidance and with help of someone who keeps you motivated and accountable, it does not have to be as difficult as you think.

Did you know that only 1 in 4 adults say they consider nutrition when eating? In 2014 39% of adults were overweight and 13% of adults were obese. A lot of people think weight loss is just about going to the gym. But it is not, it is about combination of mindset, nutrition and fitness.

Could you benefit from a healthier lifestyle?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Perhaps you are quite happy about your weight and clothes size, but you feel like something is missing. Maybe you feel tired all the time no matter how many hours you sleep and how many cups of coffee you had. Or maybe you catch cold every other month.

Your nutrition and your fitness do not only affect the way you look, but also your overall well-being, your digestion, your mood, your sleep, your skin, your attention span etc.

It is easy to talk about healthy eating and exercise, but it is often much harder to put into action. And that is when you can benefit from a guidance of a coach.

If you belong to any of these two groups above then #FABin8weeks programme is the right programme for you! Click here for more information!

Do you want to get leaner and toned?

Do you want to focus on reducing your body fat percentage and building muscle? Do you feel like you go to the gym on regular basis but you do not see any progress? Are you not quite sure if your current diet is meeting the requirements for your physique goals?

I would love to work with you! This third group of clients is different from the two above. These clients usually have some kind of fitness experience and healthy nutrition habits, they just need help and guidance to progress further. In this case please do get in touch to book a free consultation so you can get a tailored made programme after we analyse your current habits and set your goals together.


If you are not quite sure if we are the right match for each other, please do get in touch, let’s meet and have a chat! I only work with people I feel confident I can help and deliver the results they want. If I feel like I do not have the right skills and knowledge I can help you to find the right match for you. So, why not to book your free consultation?!


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