Transform your Mindset & Health

In the age of social media we face a lot of body and beauty standards that often lead to high expectations of ourselves based on what we see on daily basis on social media, on TV and in magazines.

Catchy titles such as “Bikini body”, “Get your summer body” , “Peachy butt”, “Get rid of love handles” try to convince us there is something wrong with our body and we have to take action to look like a Victoria Secret model by summer. But how can it be anyone’s right to set the standard, to tell us what we need to change even without looking at us and having a conversation with us? Why should we compare ourselves to celebrities, models and fitness models when it’s often their only job to take care of the way they look.


I personally think the word “transformation” is much more important than “weight loss” because transformation is much more than just reducing the number that shows on a scale. Transformation is about getting healthy, feeling strong and confident but not in comparison to someone else, in comparison to “old you”.

You cannot change your body and your lifestyle if you cannot embrace the current state of your body and your health. Because guess what? You created this! If you cringe when you stand naked in front of a mirror then a change will be hard and painful. And that is why I put so much stress on mindset. Nutrition is 80% of transformation, exercise is 20%, but none of it will work if you do not change your mindset.

When you decide to make a lifestyle change it is always good to have someone to be by your side on that journey –  not only to keep you accountable, but to empower your along the way. Why do many people not succeed and give up? Because they gave up mentally! They found it hard to give up their old habits!

For me transformation is not about losing inches or fitting into a dress, it is mainly about establishing healthy habits, regaining the optimal health, and all the other stuff comes along. There are three main areas that I focus on:

  1. Food – Healthy eating, the right nutrition for your body so your body can fuction properly and easily on daily basis.
  2. Activity – Keep your body moving because that is what the body was designed for. The body was not designed to stay in the sitting position throught the day. Stay active!
  3. Belief – Have the right mindset to establish a new healthy lifestyle.


So, if you are looking for a change, if you are looking for a transformation, and you would like to have someone to take you through the transformation period, please fill the form on the Home Page to book your FREE Consultation.

The FAB Transformation Coach

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