10 Tips for Eating Clean

We have all heard about the term “clean eating”. But what does “clean eating” mean? Clean eating is a concept of eating whole/ real food, as in food that is very little processed or preferable not processed at all.

Why should we eat clean? Processed food is usually high in saturated fats, sugar, sweeteners, additives and preservatives which our body does not find easy to cope with and which can cause illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, just to mention a few.

Here are 10 tips for eating clean:

  1. Eat food that does not come in a package, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat. We know that when we go to a supermarket even most of the so called “fresh” fruits, vegetables and meat will be wrapped in a foil. So, why not to try a local farmers market and a local butcher’s next time?
  2. Can you pronounce the ingredients listed on the package? If not it is probably another chemical added to your food to make it look better, taste better or last longer. Make sure you know what you eat!
  3. Eat plants – fruits, vegetables, grains. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are all vital for your body.
  4. Eat food that grows out of the ground or is raised at a farm. If it was made in a lab it is a “no”.
  5. Avoid sweeteners and refined sugar! Is it even possible in today’s world? Yes, it is, especially when you stick to whole food. Use natural fructose in fruits, such as dates and bananas for baking. Make your own desserts, chocolate and ice-cream.
  6. The less ingredients the better. Whole food that is not processed will have very short list of ingredients, e.g. a vegetable or fruit salad, or it will have just one ingredient, such as a chicken, or a broccoli.
  7. Go organic if possible. Many crops are treated with pesticides, insecticides, and cattle is fed with antibiotics. All these are chemicals which our body has to fight, so they can cause more damage than good.
  8. Cooking and preparing food at home gives you control over what you eat. When you dine out you cannot be really sure what ingredients were used to prepare the meal you ordered.
  9. Enjoy what you eat! Eating clean does not mean eating tasteless food. Whole food can be delicious. Follow my blog to get some healthy recipes!
  10. Plan ahead. Make a list of meals and a list of ingredients for the days ahead so you do not end up reaching for a “fast” and “easy” option.


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