10 Small Changes for a Big Difference

Success does not come from few big decisions, success is a combination of many small choices we make on daily basis, and sticking to them.

There are so many little things you can change in your diet and your lifestyle and if you stick to them for long enough, you will benefit from those choices big time.

If you have a burger today, you will not get fat over night. If you have a burger every single day for a week you will not get obese after a week. If you stay on “burger diet” for a year state of your health will reflect it.

Here are few small changes that make a big difference. The choice is yours! However remember that all dietary changes should reflect your health, fitness and weight goals. So, if you are not quite sure what specifically should you do, then get in touch! If you are based in Norfolk area, go to the home page and fill in the form to get your FREE Body Composition Analysis & Consultation which will give us a chance to discuss your goals and how to achieve them a bit more in detail!

1. We should all drink water, women at least 2,2l and men 3l every single day. Avoid all kind of sodas, they contain great amounts of sugar and they are very acidic for your body. You need water to make your body function properly, to get rid of toxins and to lose/maintain weight.

2. Swap coffee and English tea for herbal teas. Coffee and black tea are acidic and therefore no good for PH of your body, while herbal teas can count for your daily water intake.

3. Give up commercial juices and replace them with water infused with herbs and fruits. Juices from supermarket are full of sugar, you can easily compare the sugar intake to eating sweets. If you make fresh juices at home, pay attention to how much fruit you put in those juices, because while making juice you use much more fruits than you would normally eat during the day, which increases your daily intake of fruit sugar.

4. Do you like fries? Make your sweet potato fries or wedges at home in the oven! Not only they are yummy, but sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, calcium and Vitamin A.

5. If you like sweets, you can swap sweets for fruits. If you like the texture of your sweets, try baked strawberries – bake strawberries for 3 hours at 210°C.

6. Processed sugar is one of the main reasons for weight gain, and it is also very acidic. Choose natural sugars – plant based or fruit based, use dates or carob syrup for baking and cooking, make ice cream from bananas etc.

7. Forget cereals for breakfast. Cereals are full of sugar, try porridge with fruits or have a shake for breakfast!
8. Forget fatty meat, go for lean meat, preferably fish, sea food, turkey etc.
9. Reduce carbs intake by swapping pasta and rice with beans and lentils.
10. Most important thing to do is: Cook and bake at home! Only this way you really know what you are eating!

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